How to activate Crackle on Roku & Device

Crackle TV is a free streaming service that includes movies, TV, and original shows. It is one of the best no-cost streaming platforms that can be watched on almost all devices. Here along with the basic entertainment, you can also stream on-demand entertainment without spending a single penny. But to access Crackle on your device you need to enter the activation code of your device at Here’s the biggest focus is on the process to find and enter the activation code. So, let us move to the process to access Crackle.

Step by step instruction to find and enter the Crackle activation code

Make sure that you have a Crackle account before proceeding with this activation process. After that follow the process mentioned below:

1. First of all download the crackle application from the app store and locate the application

2. After that launch the application on your device and sign in with the crackle account details

3. Once complete sign in you will see an activation code on the screen

4. This code is essentials for the rest of the process so keep it safe

5. Later on go to and enter the login details of your account to proceed further

6. Now after login you will reach the activation page of the crackle

7. On this page enter the activation code of your device that you have kept safe

8. Click on the “Continue” button

9. Further an activation success message will display on the screen

10. This means your device can access crackle now

11. But to confirm go to your device and refresh the screen

12. You will see the content o the platform is ready to play and you can watch movies or shows as per your choice.

How to sign up on crackle?

To create an account on crackle follow the steps mentioned below:

1. First of all go to and then click on the “Sign In” button

2. Now on this page you will see “Sign Up” click on that

3. You will reach the signup page

4. Enter the details in the form and complete the rest of the instructions

5. Well done your crackle account is ready to use.


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