How to activate Trakt Tv on Roku & TV

Trakt is a synchronization application that will help users to track the watch history of different applications. It also allows the users to not only track but also to list the content that you have already watched. This will help the users to keep in mind what they already watched and what they want to watch next. Trakt TV scrobbles movies, tv shows, and more by keeping a track of it and also offer suggestions based on your previous preferences. In this post, we will discuss how you can access the Trakt Tv app on your device with the help of

Steps to activate Trakt tv to track watch history of different applications

Trakt TV offers free services to the users so there is no need to subscribe. But it is important to have a Trakt TV account for device registration. Follow the process mentioned below to use Trakt TV on your device:

  1. Startup your device and connect it with the internet connection.
  2. From the Home Page of the screen navigate to the Application store of the device
  3. In-app store search for Trakt Tv app and click on the “Download” button.
  4. As a result this will start downloading and installation of Trakt TV
  5. This will install the app on your device
  6. After that you need to launch the application and then login with the Trakt TV app using the Trakt account credentials.
  7. Next you will see an activation code will prompt on the screen. Save this code and proceed with the steps.
  8. Later on visit using the web browser of your computer or mobile
  9. You will be redirected to the Trakt TV login page. Login with the same credentials you have used on your device.
  10. After login an activation page will open on the screen with the blank space to enter the code
  11. Here enter the activation code of the Trakt Tv app of your device carefully
  12. Click on the “activate” button and an activation success message will prompt on the screen
  13. Now you can synchronize your favorite applications with it and then enjoy streaming.


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