How to watch Amazon Prime Video on your device using

You must be a great fan of Amazon Prime Video movies, shows, and other video content. But if this time you don’t want to watch it on the small screen of your mobile or laptop then you will be delighted to know that you can watch this show on your Smart TV as well. All you need to do is to enter the activation code of your device or Smart tv at and you will bang on. 

Quick steps to watch Prime video on the big screen

Make sure your Prime Membership is activated along with your Prime Video account. But if you have not created an account till now then do it first. After that follow these steps:

1. You need a Prime Video streaming application that you can download from the App store of the device.

2. If your device does not have a Prime Video streaming app then you cannot proceed with this activation process.

3. After downloading and installing the Prime Video streaming app you need to launch the app on your device

4. Next click on the “Sign In” button and use the Prime video account credentials to move ahead.

5. Further you will see an activation code or MYTV code that you are advised to keep safe

6. Besides that on a computer or laptop visit using a web browser.

7. Here you need to log in again by using your Prime video account

8. Now you will reach the activation page of the Prime Video

9. Find the blank space to enter the MYTV code and then enter the activation code of your device.

10. Before clicking on the “Register My device” make sure that you have entered the right code.

11. After this you will see a success message to confirm that your device is the activation

12. For a double check go to your device and refresh the screen

13. Search for the content you want to watch from the Prime video catalog and enjoy streaming.


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