6 Reasons Why You Must Choose Premium WordPress Themes

There are over 3,000 free WordPress themes available to users. These open-source readymade templates enjoy widespread popularity as they do not require any paid subscription. However, another statistic tells us that the three most popular layouts based on the number of installations are paid items. They are Divi, Avada, and Genesis which together have captured over 17% of the total market share. This only goes to show that paid products are no less popular. In this article, we are discussing why users must choose premium WordPress themes. Free designs are efficient but they simply cannot match up to the amazing qualities of paid layouts. Following are some strong reasons why you must opt for premium templates for your website:

1. Provide A Truly Unique Look

Every website owner strives to achieve a truly unique look for his/ her interface. This goal is impossible to achieve with free layouts. Take a look at the active installations figure for any free theme. For instance, the Twenty Fifteen theme offered by WordPress has over 300,000 active users. This means that if you use the product, then your website will be one among many with a similar appearance. Limited customization options make it hard for users to alter the layout completely. A paid template, on the other hand, comes with numerous choices for modification. You can alter every element of a page to create a completely distinctive interface.

2. Give Access To Effective Support

Hundreds of websites are built with the CMS every day. Not all of these are completely new and many of them are shifted from other formats. Many existing owners convert Drupal to WordPress or migrate from other platforms. Most of these users require help while conducting routine tasks. In case, they encounter a problem while using an open-source layout then they will have to get professional assistance to resolve the issue. Finding an appropriate expert for minor problems can be difficult and add to the expenses as well. All major theme outlets offer customer support to their subscribers. You can contact the outlet through phone, e-mail or live chat to get assistance. Moreover, they include extensive documentation for each of their products so that users can clear common doubts easily.

3. Assurance Of Regular Updates

WordPress regularly releases updates to its core which include new features and fixes for bugs and other issues. Premium theme sellers make sure their templates are compatible with the latest upgraded version of the CMS. They do so by releasing updates to their own products which are in synchronization with the latest version. Users of free layouts do not enjoy this convenience all the time. Browse through the free themes directory and you will come across numerous layouts that are out of date. When using open-source items, there is always the fear of the product becoming obsolete. Then you will have to remodel your interface bys installing another template. This is one of the strongest reasons why you must choose premium WordPress themes.

4. Offer Numerous Convenient Tools

Professional theme sellers offer their subscribers numerous convenient tools along with a layout. These solutions are either bundled with the item or users can download them without paying the subscription fees. Most of the top-selling templates come with drag and drop builders which help users to design a page without needing to input any code. They simply drag an element and drop it on a page and then customize it in a few mouse clicks. Other tools that are supplied with such products include plugins for building sliders, galleries, forms, etc. When you install a free item, then you will have to purchase all these solutions separately.

5. Better Optimized For Search Engines

WordPress is an SEO-friendly platform but you need to take some steps to explore its full potential. Most of the layouts, whether free or paid, are efficiently coded. However, developers take special care while creating premium products in order to clock more sales. Most of the outlets integrate search engine optimization features within their layouts. They also offer SEO-specific plugins along with the items so that users do not need to download them separately. Most of the free themes are also efficiently coded but the fact can be ascertained only afterward. This is not the case with paid designs offered by reputable sources as most of them have an SEO-ready structure.

6. Cost-effective Solution In The Long Run

The primary reason people choose an open-source layout is they feel that it helps them save money. However, they need to invest in some essential custom solutions like page builders, gallery plugins or form builders. These tools are required for creating an effective modern website that is geared for visual appeal and conversions. As mentioned before, most of these solutions are provided with paid products. Even if they are not bundled with your theme, chances are a free subscription to some services will be included in the package. Compare the costs of building a website now and you will find that a paid subscriber actually spent less money than a free user.


Themes provide you with a pre-built structure on which you can erect your website. You must carefully choose a product based on your specific requirements. It will be pertinent to consult professionals like custom WordPress plugin development experts to understand the additional tools you will need. This will help you in identifying a product which fulfills all your requirements and also helps save money.


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