Easy steps to export contacts from Yahoo to Gmail

How to export contacts from Yahoo to Gmail?

Here’s how you can export contacts from your Yahoo account to Gmail account. Log into your respective Gmail and Yahoo Mail accounts.

  • Go to the Yahoo mail
  • Click the Contacts tab near the top of the
  • Select your
  • Click on Select All,
  • Click the Actions button and select export all on the drop down This brings you to a new screen titled export,
  • Click the Export now button next v card single This brings you to a capture test. Enter the code displayed in the image and click the Export now button again, a download window opens automatically.
  • Click the Addon file Yahoo underscore AB dot CSV, and then click showing the folder to check a note the part of the file and then close the
  • Go back to your Gmail account, like Gmail at the top left corner of your Gmail page, and then choose contacts from the More Actions drop-down menu, select
  • Click the Choose File
  • Select the file you’d like to upload, and then click open,
  • Click the Import button to import the Yahoo contacts in your Gmail contacts See, this wasn’t hard at all.


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