How the web design and development cost is determined in practice: the experience of “GCC Marketing”

It is important to get clear and comprehensive answers to the fundamental questions on which the result ultimately depends.

Here are examples of such questions:

  • “Do you need to design a website from scratch or redesign an existing site?”
  • “What functionality should the website have?”
  • “What should be the appearance, do you need special visual effects such as 3D animation?”

After answering fundamental questions, the designer understands in general terms what the client needs. Therefore, the contractor can indicate the base cost of creating the site.

This is the price of developing a standard solution without taking into account the nuances of a particular project.

The base price is formed taking into account the number of employees who implement the standard project. The work hours of these employees are also taken into account.

The base cost of the site has added the price of selling the functionality needed by a particular project. It could be:

  • A set of integrations with external services, for example, payment services, call tracking, CRM.
  • Implementation of special functionality (calculators of the cost of building a house, a personal account of an investor, etc.).
  • Sophisticated visual solutions, such as three-dimensional animation.

When additional research is needed (for example, a deep usability audit of an existing site), it is paid extra.

The cost of developing a site differs from performer to performer. A large agency, a small regional studio and a freelancer are likely to name different price tags, and that’s fine. When working with an agency, a customer can count on:

  • Guaranteed highly qualified specialists.
  • Efficiency
  • Work under the contract and related security.
  • Guaranteed result.

Thus, the price of developing a website in “GCC Marketing” is formed from the base cost and the cost of additional functions and elements that a particular project needs in addition to standard functionality.


  • Most projects will have the typical functionality of the popular open-source CMS.
  • If the typical functionality is not enough, it can be purchased or added.
  • WordPress is suitable for sites of any type: from an online store to a commercial site, from a personal blog to a portal.

What determines the cost of web design and development?

The price of web design and development depends on how your site should be, that is, on the necessary functionality, design, platform, etc. Therefore, the main conclusion of the article is this: before contacting the developers, you need to understand what you need.

You also need to learn as much as possible about websites and web development, that is, to become at least a minimally qualified customer. The qualification will help to talk with contractors in the same language and get the desired result based on the results of cooperation.

In addition, even the smallest knowledge in web design and development will protect you from not very decent performers. Those who take exactly as much money from customers as they can pay. And even a little more. You don’t need it, do you?

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