How to Choose Best Gaming Laptop for your needs and budget?

How to Choose Best Gaming Laptop for your needs and budget

Are you looking to buy a gaming laptop as per your needs and budget? If yes, then you can’t go ahead and buy any of the available ones. It is because unless you a laptop do not satisfy your requirement, it can’t be called the best gaming laptop.

Nothing to worry, we are going to enlist vital things about laptop buying guide that you should consider before buying a gaming laptop. This way, you would be able to have the best gaming notebook by your side easily.

  • Ensure that the laptop has a good processor

Intel is known as the better company for offering high-quality processors than AMD. But a laptop with AMD processor is much more affordable than Intel. It would be good to go for Intel i5, Intel i7, Intel i9 and alike.

  • You will need to look out for graphics

If you have an average graphics card, then even your best HP laptop won’t be able to run games. Thus, you ought to ensure that. Buying an AMD graphics card won’t strain your wallet as they are very affordable.

  • Try to settle for as much RAM as you can afford

Expecting your laptop to run games with 4GB DDR4 RAM is a bad joke. If you are looking to enjoy games without issues, then at least 8 GB RAM is a must. The higher is your RAM size, the better for you in the long-term.

  • Go for a large hard drive

Games need ample space to be stored. You may not want to delete games and make your own collection. Therefore, you would need to ensure to have a bigger hard drive even if you are buying best Apple laptops and other branded models. Anything less than 1 TB is not what you should aim the minimum.

  • If you can afford, go for notebooks with an SSD

Laptops that come with SSD are indeed fast, and once you have that in your device, then nothing can stop you from having a truly amazing gaming experience.

If you are able to implement the discussed tips, then you will be able to bring home a quality gaming laptop without issues. Here are a few good gaming laptops that you can consider buying. Have a look:

  • HP Pavilion 15-EC0066AX Gaming Laptop
  • AMD Ryzen 5 Quad Core Processor
  • 8 GB DDR4 RAM
  • 64 bit Windows 10 Operating System
  • 1 TB HDD/128 GB SSD
  • 6 inch display

The cost of this one of the best HP laptops for gaming is around Rs.55,000.

  • Apple MacBook Air MREF2HN/A Laptop
  • Intel Core i5 8th Generation Processor
  • 8 GB DDR3 RAM
  • Mac OS Operating System
  • 256 GB SSD
  • 3 inch display

You can get this one of the best Apple laptops in India at around Rs.1,15,000.

You can buy these two laptops on croma store and you can availno cost EMI on these laptops.When it comes to buying a gaming laptop, you may face budget issues as the cost of such a notebook is on the higher side.

If you decide to pay the entire cost of a gaming laptop, then it may strain your monthly outlays. But, you can avail of an easier payment alternative in India and breathe easy.


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