How to Safe Kids from Facebook Cyberbullying & Online Predation with TheOneSpy App

Facebook is the most popular social networking platform having billions of active users worldwide. It allows users to post and share activities, events, thoughts, upcoming plans and memories in the form of text, photos, videos, and audios. While offering innumerable perks, the platform is also facilitating bullies, predators, and scammers. The social networking site has turned out to be the most common platform for cyberbullying and online child molestation. The scoundrels use the website to victimize the target. Parents are needed to protect their children from the dangers of online harassment and predation. For this, they can make use of the Facebook monitoring app of TheOneSpy. Read on to know how this app helps to ensure the protection of children from online threats.

What is Cyberbullying?

The online bullying is not different than face-to-face bullying. Frequently teasing, offending, harassing and humiliating the target with the use of mobile phone or computer is termed as cyberbullying. Facebook is the biggest facilitator of bullying because it enables persecutors to harass the victim by making negative comments, posts, and messages. The bully can keep its identity hidden and can access the victim through impersonate or fake accounts.

The online bullying puts horrible impacts on the psychological and physical health of the victim. The persistent harassment makes the victim suffer from depression, anxiety, fear, isolation, and suicidal thoughts. It also puts a negative influence on the behavioral and social skills of the victim. Many cases have been reported so far in which the victim of consistent online bullying had committed suicide.

What is Online Child Predation?

Online predators are adult social media users who pose to be teenagers to trap other kids. They use Facebook to get information about the target such as name, contact, habits, likings and so on. They misuse Facebook data to trap the victim and attract teenage boys and girls to start a romantic relationship. They con the target for sexual exploitation and their main objective is to produce sexually explicit photos and videos showing younger children in objectionable conditions.

Role of TheOneSpy in Kids’ Safety

TheOneSpy is a cell phone monitoring app that enables parents to keep a secret eye on their teenage boys and girls for their protection from online and offline threats. The app helps to ensure that kids do not get involved in cyberbullying and child molestation. It tracks Facebook and lets parents know what their kids do on the social networking site. They can read their chats to detect bullying material and kids’ involvement with predators.

How the Facebook Spy App Works

Parents can install the spy app on their kids’ smartphones to keep tabs on their online activities. The app secretly accesses data saved on the phone that also include Facebook chats, call logs, posts and more stuff. It uploads the synced information to the online portal of the spyware app. Parents can log into the web portal to retrieve the uploaded Facebook data. Given features of parental control, the app explain how it can be used spy on Facebook messenger to protect kids from online harassment and predation.

Read Facebook Messenger Chats

The spy app for cell phone app lets you read Facebook chats of your children. It syncs incoming and outgoing Facebook chats and uploads to the web portal of TOS. Parents can read these messages and can access the contact information of message senders and receivers. It lets them find out if there is any bullying message received or sent. Moreover, they can identify if any trapping message lands in the inbox.

Access Facebook Call Logs

As well as messages, the voice and video calls made and received by your kids can be monitored with the help of a social media monitoring app. It helps parents to find out if any suspicious person contacts your child frequently and at odd times.

Retrieve Photos & Videos

The photos and videos shared and posted by your children on Facebook can be monitored and evaluated with the help of the parental control app. It helps parents to ensure their kids do not exchange sexually explicit photos and videos with predators or pedophiles.

Check Out Facebook Posts

The Facebook posts of kids can be monitored with the help of the app. It also lets you know what comments your kids receive on these posts. It helps to identify bullying posts and comments.


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