Import & Export Yahoo contact list in Mozilla Thunderbird

How to import Yahoo contact list in Mozilla Thunderbird client?

Are you looking for the steps to export your contact list from Yahoo mail and import it into Thunderbird? It’s easy. Here’s how it can be done, open any browser and type to log into your Yahoo Mail on your Yahoo Mail page, click on contacts from the left pane of the page to view all the contacts on your Yahoo mail.

  • Now select the checkbox of all the contacts to select all the contacts and click on the downward arrow, your actions, select export from the menu that appears.
  • A window will appear asking you to choose the format for exporting your contacts. Check the radio button near Netscape or Thunderbird, click on Export
  • Now type the security code as shown and click on Export now save the EU underscores ab.ld if the file to your desktop or some other place where you can find it later.
  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Click on Tools, and then select import from the menu.
  • Check the radio button of address books, and then click, select text file LD CSV.txt, then click Next, select the text file option from the list of file types that you would like to import. Select the Yahoo underscore AB LD file that you previously saved. Now click on Finish. When you will click on Address Book of Thunderbird. You will see that the Yahoo contacts I’ve been successfully exported.


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