Top 5 Best FREE MICROSOFT OFFICE Alternatives (2020)

The most dominant player in the world of office suites. Many people are turned off by Microsoft Office is the most dominant player in the world of office suites, many people are turned off by its hefty price. Thankfully, there are many free alternatives, but most of the same features coming up based on the office suite to use, I’ll count down the top five best free alternatives to Microsoft Office. This article will focus on the programs, you can install on your computer, the ease of use, features, and compatibility, being the most important factors later in this Article. I’ll give you a few suggestions for an online office suite, for those of you that prefer working with web apps in your browser. Let’s start it

  1. Change from our normal format. I’ll just give you a brief description and commentary, followed by screenshots of each program. Starting off our countdown at number five is the oldie but goodie OpenOffice. This prenups office suite has been around for a few decades, various owners, including Star division Sun Microsystems and Oracle with the Apache Foundation, taking control of the project in 2011. Open Office includes six programs. Included is a word processor called rider calc is for working with spreadsheets and impresses their presentation program, all of which have good compatibility with Microsoft Office formats. Also included as a drawing application, a Formula Editor and a database management program development has been slow for the past few years. More on that later in this article. OpenOffice has been showing signs of life recently, the latest release was in September of 2019. It’s available in dozens of languages for Windows, Linux and Mac. Open Office is truly free software, but volunteers contributing their time and skills with the project, and the following screenshots, while you may notice the user interface is in desperate need of a makeover, it’s still a feature-packed Office Suite worth checking out.
  2. This pre-work program from the soft maker is another one that’s been around for a while, its initial release was in 1994. It’s a lightweight version of the commercial office suite with most of the key features you would ever need for the office was one of the first office suites to offer compatibility with most of the Microsoft Office formats, and they now offer support protections text maker is their alternative to word their Excel substitute is called plan maker and presentations is similar to PowerPoint. If you ever need help, using free office do check out their service page with links to their support forum Tips and Tricks, and You can even download manuals for each program within their sweet free offices available for all three major platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. They give you a choice of a Microsoft like a ribbon or classic menu toolbar. I’ll show you examples of both in the following screenshots for each program.
  3. Office suite most people have never heard of called only office? It was recently featured in our free software series, so I won’t spend too much time on it. Only office offers several products, including a cloud service Developer Edition, and Enterprise Edition, which can be quite expensive, doing a complete 180. They also offer a desktop editor for Windows, Mac, and Linux, which is completely free and open-source with the code available on GitHub. In short, while the only office is not as Feature Pack as our top two, it does offer excellent compatibility with Microsoft Office, other than minor issues formatting images, it’s truly one of the best, and well worth trying out their Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint alternatives are simply titled document spreadsheet and presentation. Here’s what those look like.
  4. Before we get to the top two I’ll quickly show you three main office suites that you can use for free in your favorite web browser. All three also have apps for both iOS and Android. The only office which I mentioned earlier also offers an online suite, which might be useful for those of you that collaborate with others. Perhaps the best for collaboration is Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, especially for those of you entrenched in the Google ecosystem and Microsoft Office Online offers their own set of free web apps, while they do lacks some of Microsoft offices advanced features that most people would never use, they do offer the best compatibility with their desktop office counterparts in the runner up spot. Coming in at number two is WPS Office pre this office suite is developed by Kingsoft, which has been around since 1988. Some of you might recall that WPS Office, used to be known as Kingsoft office in WPS Office free, you’ll find three programs in the suite, which they call writer spreadsheets and presentation, which will offer fantastic file support with Microsoft Office formats also includes an excellent PDF reader. It would be number one in this article if it weren’t ad-supported. If you don’t mind the ads, and what a fully featured Office Suite WPS Office free might just be what you need. The free versions of the WPS Office are available both Windows and Linux from the WPS website. If you’re running Windows 10, I’d recommend downloading it from the Microsoft Store. I have found the download speed to be faster from the store, and from their website, WPS Office of all those mentioned, most closely resembles Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as you’ll see in the following screenshots.
  5. Libra office is the best free alternative to Microsoft Office. It’s free and open-source Office Suite was formed back in 2010 from OpenOffice, which I mentioned earlier, in fact, many of the doors that used to work on open offices now provide their services to Libre office. Just like open office, the six programs included our writer calc impress draw base and math. While not being perfect Libra office does offer full compatibility with Microsoft Office, with the ability to add extensions and templates that enhance your overall experience LibreOffice has a full team of developers, so it’s updated on a regular basis. So if you’ve been looking for a fully-featured Office Suite, and believe in supporting free and open-source software LibreOffice is what I’d recommend you get. It’s available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Here are the screenshots of what it looks like.



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