Microsoft Outlook Not working

How to Fix problem – Microsoft Outlook has stopped working

We are going to show you how to resolve an issue where outlook 2013 fails to start. It just to give an example here we are going to go ahead and you’ll see that it immediately goes to this Microsoft Outlook has stopped working and then to try and recover. And it’ll spin there for a while and then eventually fail to go ahead and stay close. And then if you try to open it again similar issue, do you want to start Safe Mode, even if we say yes.

  • Something is wrong with one of the data files say okay.
  • Trace from the inbox repair doesn’t work. So if you’re having this issue with the outlook of st file. And that file is actually located in this path so one of the possible ways of fixing it is to browse to this location and delete this file. So that’s what I’m going to do here.
  • And to do that, I’m going to open up explore and then go into the C drive users, the profile name.
  • When you get to the screen you won’t see the App Data folder because it’s a hidden folder by default, so you have to go to View Options.
  • Search Options. Hit view, and then show hidden files and folders, say, Okay, and then App Data appears.
  • Going to local Microsoft Outlook.
  • And then this is the file that we need to delete so I’ll go ahead and do that now.
  • And now whenever we open outlook.
  • Other monitors I’m going to drag it over. you can see that it opened up successful here. So this is the first way to solve this problem, but if it doesn’t work, you may need to create a new outlook profile. And to do that, just go ahead and close outlook and open up control panel.
  • Go to male profiles. Click on Add.
  • Just type a profile name, sir. Okay.
  • At the screen you’ll need to know your email account. Mine’s a Gmail account so it’s pretty simple. Next.
  • If you get the screen it means the profile was created successfully it’s just a finish.
  • And this drop down, you have to select the new profile so that outlook will use it, say okay.
  • And then when you open outlook should open up with a new profile.
  • You can see here that everything opened up successfully.

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