How to Reset Outlook Password - Recover Password

We’re going to be discussing how to recover & reset a loss outlook password. Now it’s really easy to forget your password and even if you’ve written them down somewhere you could still lose it. But luckily, every organ system comes with a recovery mechanism which can be used either recover, or reset your password. So let’s go ahead and do that for Outlook.

  • Open your browser and go to
  • And let’s try to sign in.
  • And let’s see I forgot the password for this account.
  • Click on Next. Now on to the first step of recovering your password, click on this area that says forgot my password. Click it,
  • Check on radio button that says I forgot my password and click on Next.
  • Now this is for security purposes, or whatever you see in this box just type in down below.
  • And if it doesn’t seem clear to you, you can always choose a new code by clicking this button. New.
  • So if you’re satisfied. Click on Next.
  • And now hopefully you’ve already recognized your number,
  • And click on text and pro Right the last four digits of your registered phone number can send code button.
  • Now you should receive a message from Microsoft with your with your boat.
  • Open up your inbox in your phone and type in the code that you received. Ex. received 1234567.
  • Now you’ll get a prompt, saying, type in your new password, go ahead and do that.
  • We enter it down below. Make sure they match
  • And hit next.
  • Now, there you have it, you have successfully reset your password.

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