How to Activate Roku TV –

roku tv

This will go over what came in the box, walk you through the screen setup and show you how to activate your Roku TV class, if you want to take advantage of free over the air HD channels. Stay tuned, because we’ll show you how to set up the antenna and put two. Okay, let’s get started.

You’re all set up to enjoy great entertainment. And that leaves us with one last great tip

Your Roku TV comes with a built into your to access digital broadcast TV. A great way to get free local news and sports, to take advantage of this over the air television. All you need to do is connect an HD TV, and the antennas connected start that process by selecting antenna TV.

Then, just follow the onscreen instructions to scan for local channels.

If you need help, adding or removing streaming channels, or if you want to personalize your Roku interface. Visit support You’ll also find tips for optimizing your wireless network and steps for troubleshooting, have fun and enjoy your Roku TV.