roku remote not working

Is your Roku Remote Not Working & Pairing? Follow Steps And Fix it

We are going to fix the issue of Roku remote not working and how you can either pair a new remote to your Roku device or reset, a device that isn’t working properly or get it works on your specific device so the first thing you’re going to want to do is to open up the back of your Roku remote, and that’s going to expose the little reset button there. So, to officially reset your remote so it’s ready to go you hold the home button and back button down at the same time also clicking the little reset button there. that’s just below the battery so when you click those three buttons, hold them down for maybe about three to five seconds so and then you’ll see a little green light flash on your remote which you’ll see on the screen here. It popped up and then it went back to blank so that means the device is now reset and ready to go so now at this point you can unplug your Roku device as you can see that you’ve done there. And then, in your remote, you take the batteries out of the back of your Roku remote. And then the next thing if you want to do is put those batteries, back in the remote, close the back battery case on top of it and then the green light should start to flash on your Roku remote which means it’s ready to be paired to your Roku TV so power that thing back up whether you have a Roku streaming device, or a Roku TV and once it goes through the power-up phase. It should take a little bit of time, we will speed things up here on this but it might take 30 seconds to a minute or so before this shows up where it shows you that it’s actually pairing to your remote and once it’s done going through this process, the little green light on the bottom of your remote will just flash one more time, turn off and then the remote is paired and ready to go as you can see, moving through the menus, now successfully paired device so that’s pretty much going to wrap up this just wanted to show you how you can either pair a new remote or fixed one that might be having some issues.