Secrets from the Billionaires: 5 Tech Giants Share their Recipe for Success

The recent history is full of success stories from around the world about self-made people making it big in their career. In fact, most of them become billionaires by doing business and work they love. This is one secret to success for anyone having high ambitions. In this blog, I will discuss the stories of how 5 self-made billionaires and one of the most successful entrepreneurs have accomplished their feats.

  1. Bill Gates: Making the Most of the Opportunity

The founder of Microsoft made it big in the ’90s and featured in the Forbes annual list of billionaires for consecutive 13 years in the top 5. The personal computing market was untapped in the early ’80s and the void to fill the gap through hardware and software was very wide. IBM seized the opportunity in the hardware department and Microsoft through the software. Bill Gates knew he was on the right track after creating MS-DOS and then the hugely popular and trend-setting Windows.

Not every product of Microsoft turned to gold. Versions of Windows like Vista and Millennium suffered badly, but Microsoft came back strongly with Windows 7 and then Windows 10. The reason for his insane success; making the most of the opportunity and sticking to what he knows best; programming and coding. You will be amazed to hear that the wealth of Bill Gates should have been at least 10 times more and he should have been the world’s first trillionaire. Read on for what stopped him from achieving this feat.

While there are other reasons, piracy is the number one reason why Bill Gates didn’t become the richest man in modern history. At one time, over 90% of Microsoft’s products were being pirated and the company and eventually, Bill Gates got not even 1/10th of the amount he should have got as a result. This is one of the grossest injustice with a sheer genius of our times as he made the most of the opportunity, but people didn’t allow him to reap all the benefits of his hard work.

  1. Richard Branson: Hunger for Success

To dream big is what we can learn from a person who started a magazine at the tender age of 14. According to him, “Dreaming is one of humanity’s greatest gifts; it champions aspiration, spurs innovation, leads to change and propels the world forward.”

The quote mentioned above is the philosophy on which all of Mr. Branson’s businesses are bases. He dreamed of a music company, and he established it and similarly the airline, Virgin Atlantic. While some of you may argue that financing your startup is not that easy. But like a famous saying, “When there’s a will, there’s a way.” If you want to do something, put all your efforts like an underdog and go towards achieving the target with this attitude.

At one time, Richard Branson owned over 400 companies as this was no fluke. Virtually all his companies are still running or have been sold to other companies. He made sure each business he started turned out a roaring success. The reason; the very idea behind all the products/services were mostly really innovative, and that’s the reason they all took off well. His hunger is still intact and doesn’t be surprised if he goes to own even a thousand companies as for Mr. Branson; even sky is not the limit.

  1. Mark Zuckerberg: Use your Vision to Turn a Simple Idea into Something Big

When Facebook was launched, it competed against Myspace and Orkut; few people gave it any chance to survive even a few years. But within a few years, it turned into a success story and how! The credit should go Mr. Zuckerberg’s vision and how he transformed many ideas into something hugely popular like Newsfeed and Safety Feature.

The success of Facebook is proof that simple ideas can be turned into something great. A great vision and willingness to make it big are the secrets of Mark Zuckerberg’s success at such a young age. The acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram further cemented his status as one of the most powerful men in the social media world. He now owns a number of other small companies and firms that produce a free task management software to high-end designing and AI.

So, you can imagine how Facebook is going to dominate the Internet and social media websites/apps in the coming few days. His secret for success, his never-ending desire for success and succeed in the digital world.

  1. Steve Jobs: Innovation is the Key

Innovation is one word which anyone can relate to Mr. Jobs. The products at Apple rule the world and are the status symbol everywhere. The idea behind them is simple; give people something out of the ordinary, and they will be willing to pay the premium price. Take the example of an MP3 player. When the iPod was launched in the market, many MP3 players have already had a presence and were quite cheaper too. But iPod carved a niche for itself with a stunning design and features and captured the market in a short period.

The success of Steve Jobs is largely due to his innovative and creative mind through which he envisioned things that ruled the world way before others. His proactive nature also made it tough for other companies to sustain their position in the market.

  1. Jeff Bezos: Success lies in the Detail

The mantra for the success of Mr. Jeff Bezos is hard work and dedication. Period. Turning a simple online bookstore into an Ecommerce behemoth is the big achievement of him. Alongside Amazon, Jeff Bezos made sure he acquired and started new ventures which turned into gold. But according to him, success lies in knowing the detail of your business, so that you are on top of your game when it comes to achieving your goal.

He is the richest person right now, and there is no way that he is going to be lowered from this position anytime soon. Making billions out of an E-Store is no mean achievement, and again I’m emphasizing about his detailed knowledge about everything related to his venture that makes him so much successful over the years.

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