The best mobile accessories without which life is impossible

The best cheap accessories for your mobile without which you will not be able to live

From fun cartoons to safe battery chargers, for less than INR 1000, there’s an arsenal of items to customize your smartphone.

When buying a mobile phone, users look for the best screens, cameras, or batteries, a processor that stands out or a good internal memory. And next to all this, if there is a useful accessory, better than best, especially if it’s cheap. Phone cases, headphones. It’s easy to find real bargains that will help extend the life of your mobile, make it look better or give it new uses.

A charger, please!

Probably what many people think about when buying a smartphone is the life of its battery. But it doesn’t matter: whatever it is, the worst of the unexpected can happen, ending when you need it the most. There are several external batteries and chargers on the market that will allow you to move forward.


Another option, with USB connection and Micro USB, although priced higher, is the OME battery. With a design reminiscent of an external hard drive, can be purchased in various colors and with powers ranging from 5000 to 10,000 mAh. According to this power, the prices can vary from INR500 to INR1500.

Outside bumps and scratches

You’ve seen it happen: mobile phones with a broken screen and whose owners still use them because it’s not a question of buying a new one every two or three days. When that screen shatters, many (if not all) complain that they didn’t put a sleeve on it. And they’re usually very cheap.

Again, it all depends on your smartphone model, but it’s easy for a case that protects the whole terminal to cost less than INR199. The Zepper’s back covers are an ideal choice for all brands. They are hard polycarbonates plastic cases with snap-fit technology which will fit any phone.

On the other hand, if you are one of those who doesn’t like having your mobile phone in your trouser pocket, either because it bothers you when you sit down or because it makes a very strange lump in your buttock, your choice is one of those cases that attach to your neck. You will have your mobile at hand, and you will be able to move comfortably. There are transparent cases for just INR199, which also allow you to interact with it if it is tactile.

Another option is the neoprene covers that wrap around the phone and close with a zipper. Less functional, but more beautiful and with prices ranging from INR249 to INR499. With cute owls or nocturnal trees, you only have to select the number of inches of the screen before buying it.

From the covers we go to the pouches, which do not seem to go out of fashion. With them we reveal something of our personality while the phone becomes more resistant.

We’ve come to play

If you want to turn your smartphone into a small game console with its remote, there are also options. If you have a model with Android, there are drivers, such as Taslar brand, meager prices, which even have Bluetooth connection, so you do not need to have it connected and thus play more distance. These controllers could also be coupled to a traditional game console. On the Internet, we can find them for INR1400.

The king of the road

When driving in a car, many people use their mobile phone to play a music list or use it as GPS. You can buy car mount or desk mount. There are lovely and cheap supports to make good use of it (but please don’t get lost and keep an eye on the road).

Some mounts are placed in the grill of the fan and whose price does not reach INR200. Its design is so discreet that it goes unnoticed by any passenger. Another option is the classic supports that we have seen for years, and that can be found for a similar price. In any case, check by the description of the product that serves for your model.

To the delight of the ears

And if you’ve bought a bicycle stand or a bracelet for exercise, it’s best to complete it with headphones that allow you to listen to a good music list.

For those who hate to untangle cables and connect them to the phone, some Bluetooth options also allow you to move around comfortably. This is the case of the brand called Crossbeats, available in amazon. They are joined together by a cable so that they do not get lost and are resistant to sweat or water.

As Christmas approaches, it may be an excellent option to crown your shopping. And like her, the rest of the articles we’ve presented to you. What will be your next whim?



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