Top 25 Keywords for Lawyers and Law Firms

If you want to wish to make most out of your law firm then the time has come to take your business online and meet a number of potential customers who are in search of particular law based serviced. If you can get hold of them, then you can be of great help to them by serving and fulfilling their needs. In the digital age of 2020, everyone is online and wants all the services at their fingertips. If you are a law firm and have not yet moved online, then it would be for sure that you would be missing a number of customers every single day. Therefore, to reach out to your potential customers spread all over your region, you should start selling your products and service over the internet. Take help from any of the best law firm SEO company and disrupt the online market in your area.

Starting your business online

There are certain things that need to be understood before starting with your online business. The key element that needs to be focused on online business is the importance of keywords. You should spend considerable time researching the keywords that are valid for your business. Once you get a list of those, you can start building your content based on the same. Keywords play a very important role in letting the premium search engines know about your content. Keywords basically search terms that are included in the content that you have on the website. Including the phrases in the content in the right amount will improve the quality of content and increase the value of your brand.

The search engines crawl websites in search of relevant content and it is your job to keep all the things at par for them so that your website serves the purpose of crawling. Keeping irrelevant and copied content will lead to lower search engine ranks. If all the SEO parameters are strictly followed then the search engine will give you better ranks on their result page. It is a matter of fact that the first three search results account for the maximum click rates. Therefore, if you want your customers to find you in the first three spots, then you need to work hard to get the best spot on the results page.

Acing organic promotion

Being a business, you would at all times wish to be viewed by a large number of customer base organically. In order to ace your organic search, you should spend some time generating content that is high on quality for your readers. Once your customer base starts to like your content then you have your own half of the battle in one shot. They are likely to share your content with others and you would start receiving a good number of visitors and guests on your website who are likely to book some of your services as and when required by them. The key to success for your online law firm would be to present engaging and attractive services to your customers and pull them towards your radar if and when they require any law firm. If you are not aware of how to place the keywords in the content that you are generating for your online customers, then you can get in touch with some of the best law firm SEO company to help you out with channelizing the campaign.

Here are the top 25 Keywords for Lawyers and Law Firms:

Top Keyword Monthly Searches
Lawyer 368,000
attorney 201,000
legal aid 135,000
immigration lawyer 90,500
lawyers near me 74,000
employment law 60,500
divorce lawyer 60,500
family law 60,500
criminal law 60,500
civil law 49,500
personal injury lawyer 49,500
divorce lawyers 40,500
free legal advice 40,500
business law 40,500
law firm 33,100
legal advice 33,100
divorce attorney 33,100
contract law 33,100
corporate law 33,100
international law 33,100
family law attorney 27,100
real estate attorney 27,100
real estate lawyer 27,100
law firms 22,200
attorney at law 22,200

Apart from the top 25 Keywords for Lawyers and Law Firms, there are some high search keywords that can also be added to your content. Check them out here.

Keywords Monthly Search Volumes
attorneys near me 22,200
injury lawyer 22,200
personal injury attorney 22,200
copyright law 22,200
types of lawyers 22,200
legal counsel 22,200
divorce attorney near me 18,100
pro bono lawyers 18,100
property law 18,100
legal aid society 18,100
legal services 14,800
legal assistant 14,800
law firms near me 14,800
real estate attorney near me 14,800
criminal defense attorney 14,800
immigration attorney 14,800
medical malpractice lawyers 14,800
law offices near me 14,800
family lawyer near me 14,800
find a lawyer 12,100
malpractice lawyer 12,100
defense attorney 12,100
law careers 12,100
free lawyer consultation 9,900
free legal aid 9,900
malpractice attorney 9,900
legal aid online 9,900
ask a lawyer 8,100
wrongful termination lawyer 8,100
family law attorney near me 8,100
criminal attorney 8,100

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