Top10 Wireless Technology Trends in Upcoming Years

According to Gartner reports, wireless technologies have always played a crucial role in communications and will continue to be indispensable for upcoming technologies in drones, robots, medical equipment and self-driving cars. It is believed that many areas of innovation are going to engage in technologies like 5G which are yet to surface. So, companies are going to need skills which can help them use these technologies to their advantage.

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  1. Wi-Fi: Market research says that Wi-Fi will remain as the high-end networking technology in the years to come for both homes and offices. But, eventually it will find newer roles beyond regular communications. It is likely to be used for dual-factor authentication systems and radar systems.
  2. 5G Cellular: These are expected to be introduced in 2019 or 2020 and the entire rollout will happen over the next 5 years. This technology may supplement the Wi-Fi become more economical, but it is still in a growing phase and most operators are going to sell high-speed broadband. Nevertheless, 5G is evolving and its involvement in areas like low-latency applications and Internet of Things is going to be substantial.
  3. Long-Range Wireless Power: The first generation of wireless technologies had not provided the level of experience which they had been designed for. However, the newer technologies will enable you to charge devices over much longer distances. So, it is expected they will eliminate need for power cables from any desktop application or even kitchen appliances.
  4. Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Wireless: Since both conventional and self-driving automobiles need to interact with one another and the road set-ups, there will be a need for V2X systems. Besides, the V2X is also going to provide features like safety capabilities, infotainments and navigation support.
  5. Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) Networks: These offer low-bandwidth connections for the IoT applications in a power-friendly way so as to support devices which need long battery life. Existing LPWA technologies include Long-term Evolution for Machines, Narrowband IoT, Sigfox, etc., which are comparatively less expensive. This is why the IoT makers can use these for making low-cost devices powered by batteries like trackers or sensors.
  6. Wireless Sensing: Reflection of wireless signals like indoor radar systems for drones and robots may be used to sense. Virtual assistants may use tracking to enhance their performances when there are many people speaking at the same time. So, systems with wireless sensing are going to be integrated into fields like medical diagnostics, smart home interaction or object recognition.
  7. Wireless Location Tracking: Wireless communication systems are also able to sense locations of gadgets which are connected to them. Location proves to be a prime data point for many business areas like supply chain, IoT and consumer marketing.
  8. Millimeter Wave Wireless: These operate at very high frequencies like 30-300 Gigahertzes and have wavelengths between 1-10 millimeters. This technology is useful for wireless systems like 5G and Wi-Fi for short range.
  9. Software-Defined Radio (SDR) moves signal processing within radio systems from chips to software. This is why the radio can support greater frequencies. While this wireless technology had been around previously, it had not been promoted because of high costs. According to the Gartner reports, the SDR is slated to become more popular with the growth of new protocols.
  10. Backscatter Networking: This technology is capable of sending data with low power consumption. So, it is best suited for small networking devices, especially in applications where a region is saturated already with wireless signals.

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