What is Social CRM – The Complete Guide

What is Social CRM

We’re going to be talking about social customer relationship management, which are referred to as social CRM to make this article manageable. So traditionally CRM refers to collecting data on your prospects to better target them. And so you can move them down the funnel and basically stay organized social CRM takes a bit of a different approach on social media, the customer controls the conversation. So, social CRM is about customer service more someone tweets at you, someone talk to you on Facebook, they have a question they have a problem, they expect you to respond. It’s a more customer centric approach, and then we’ll CRM expert refers to social CRM, as a company’s response to the customers control the conversation. So why should you care about social CRM, because your customers do 90% of Americans, expect brands to have a social media profile. So if you don’t, it’s a, it’s kind of strange 60% of Americans plan on interacting with brands on social media. So again, if you have a social media profile, it’s not just about filling up with marketing content and push it to people, they’re going to ask you questions and especially to be able to answer them and not be weird. So, social CRM is also a combination of methodology and technology.

Social CRM Strategy

So it’s talked a bit about the methodology customer centric approach, one on one conversations with marketing technology wise, there’s a couple of different features that come along with CRM platforms that features social CRM capabilities. One is text analytics or social media monitoring. So you put in a couple different keywords, and the serum can actually track the keywords throughout your social media profiles. So whether that’s mentions of your brand name or mentions of different things in your industry, it gives you an opportunity to in real time see what people are talking about, and engage in those conversations disrespect the knowledgeable horse to friendly resource. This is more of an old school car tactic paid media. So using the data you have in your CRM already about your different prospects you can pay Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, to put these different ads in front of your prospect newsfeed. Lastly, there’s just the opportunity to record more granular data based on social media interactions.

Social CRM: The Conversation

So when you find those conversations with social media monitoring tools and you interact with people, you can track that data in your CRM know now it’s not just okay why email this person is the conversation we had on email called this person here’s the conversation on the phone. It’s interesting social media as well. So, like we said at the beginning, social CRM is a methodology and technology. So the strategy is what’s important though, just because you get a CRM product that has social media capabilities, doesn’t mean you’re practicing social CRM, social CRM is about putting the customer first on social media, and using your social media accounts a way to connect with them one on one, not just to push marketing material to them.

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