Why Should You Switch To “Signal” For Fully-encrypted Chat Experience?

You must have not realized that what life was and how it transformed with the introduction of messaging apps. It’s been more than a decade when SMS launched and people started using the services on a large scale to communicate with their friends. And later with the rise of smartphones, the messaging wave has turned into a rage as they get instant secret chat apps that made their communication much easier.

In this modern, fast and amazing app world, you must have installed and experienced so many chatting apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, Snapchat, Hangouts, etc. But have you ever thought that the apps you are using to share your secret messages are worth trusting in terms of security?

This is really a big question for all the most popular chat apps that are earning millions and billions for their brilliant messaging features. So, if you have any doubt that that the messaging apps you’re using is the right one to encrypt your text, switch to “Signal”. This is the newest and amazing messaging app which is designed by keeping users’ security and privacy concerns in mind.

Know why Signal has gained the prominence as the trusted encrypted chat app:

  1. Signal is not a product of Facebook

Undoubtedly, Facebook has owned 1.3 users worldwide for it’s best features and community building functions but still, users can’t completely rely on it’s messaging facility in terms of security.

Signal is the instant messaging app that you can unhesitatingly trust with your data. You can have complete faith in this app as it claims to keep your delivered and received text safe and secure.

  1. It’s cross-platform and doesn’t need your data for ad targeting

No matter what smartphone or device you use to access online stuff, you can install the Signal chat app to any smart device or smartphone. Further, the app provides ad-free messaging services so it doesn’t ask users to give access permissions to contacts and other information.

  1. The app is incredibly secure

Famous personalities like Edward Snowden regularly uses Signal as a secret chat app. This clearly shows that how much secure this app is for people who are searching for the best and fully-encrypted messaging app.

We know that WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger also based on encryption functionality but Signal emphasizes more than just encryption! It hides all the chatting metadata which also includes the sender information. This means only the senders and receivers know the targeted messaging signals with names.

  1. Best known as an open-source product

This reason might take your hearts away! Yes, Signal is an open-source secret chat app and let the world get into its code to know whether the app is truly secure as it claims or not. We bet you would never have such access with other messaging apps. So, if you’ve any doubt, take a look at its code and verify how much the app has justified the defined security aspects.

  1. It’s a non-profit app

Unlike other messaging apps, Signal doesn’t run with any financial motivations. It’s a non-profit app which has been launched by privacy advocates who believe that the users’ online data should not only be protected from the hackers but also be kept safe from the companies who want to profit from the information.

Ending Note:

Hope the reasons we mentioned make you understand why we should use the Signal app as our basic messaging medium. Since it’s never hit the list of top messaging apps but it’s sure that it will become the best and encrypted chat app for users one day.

If you like the app features, it’s your responsibility to install the app, use it and spread the good words about it among family and friends. Ony this can make them use this app and free the world from data hacks and breaches.

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